Festival Season

The festival season has arrived. A quite tricky one when it comes to packing the right outfits. We cross our fingers for sun and fear the rainy days but try our best to pack outfits for both. But what´s the magic mix? How do you create that perfectly balanced festival look, which is ready for the sudden weather changes? The most key factor for the festival outfit seem to be to be the possibility for scaling up and down depending on the weather.

Denim shorts and a band t-shirt is the perfect festival mix for when the sun is out, add a bomber or denim jacket for chilly nights or unexpected clouds. You could too go for a pair of loose and airy pants and a casual tank top if bare legs are a little too nippy. Swirl a colourful scarf around your bag strap for the late hours and you are covered. Dusty natural colours combined with denim and white fabrics is a hit. Our stylists have mixed dresses with suede jackets, denim jeans with kimono like blazers and Birkenstocks with raincoats. It´s a contrast between fine and messy, it´s casually cool and festival fancy!

Keeping it short but sweet! Denim shorts, sneakers and a pretty little top to go with it. Don’t forget your crossbody bag for all your festival essentials.

This styling shows us two different outfits with skirts. Wear your festival skirts with a feminine top and a sweatshirt - tie it around your waist to add a cool twist.

A swimsuit or bodystocking? Doesn’t matter - both will look very “California” and festival friendly. Match your shoes with the rest of your outfit for a final touch.

Striped pants are the way to go. Combine it with a bomber jacket when the evenings get chilly.

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  1. Devi Grape Septum Ring Silver
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    Devi Grape Septum Ring Silver
    Now Only EUR11.90 Regular Price EUR34.00
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