Denim Days

A trend which never goes out of style is the denim trend. The fashion industry keeps designing new styles and shapes of denim and you can usually find denim pieces in each collection - lucky for us! Denim is available in all kinds of shades and a denim on denim-look is the perfect way to show off different denim colours. Mix denim with other delicate materials to create the perfect contrast.

Denim, black accessories and gold jewellery - thatʼs all you need to for a classic and stylish look.

Our fashion community also loves matching denim and dark green colours. Add some silver jewellery for a sharp looking outfit.

A styling from our fashion community where the denim material is used as a background that makes the golden jewellery appear bright and clear.

You can also dress in denim from head to toe, like blogger Pernille Teisbæk in the header picture. Add some feminine jewellery to balance out your outfit.

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  1. Lena 002
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    Lena 002

    399,00 kr

    Lena 002

  2. Nicole 084
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    499,00 kr

    Nicole 084

  3. Malou 862 Crop
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  4. Malou 084 Crop
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